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Free State Provincial Lecture

Lot Ndlovu Memorial Lecture Speech - Dr. Reuel Khoza


I am delighted to join you on this occasion, the third Lot Ndlovu Memorial Lecture.  

Lot cared to reflect, cogitate, and even to contemplate the plight and future of our beloved country, South Africa.  It thus behoves us in his memory to pause for a moment, to reflect on the state of our political economy.  Lot Ndlovu was no idle armchair sophist, he was a pragmatic thinker and committed doer.  Even in this regard, we need to pluck a leaf out of Lot’s life.  

Lot Ndlovu and I had a few things in common.  Among these was our abiding admiration for Fredrick Douglass, a nineteenth century African American leader of great stature; about whom James McCune Smith had this to say:

“When a man raises himself from the lowest condition in society to the highest, mankind pays him the tribute to their admiration; when he accomplishes this elevation by native energy guided by prudence and wisdom, their admiration is increased, but when this course, onward and upward, excellent in itself, furthermore proves possible what had hitherto been regarded as an impossible reform, then he becomes a shining light on which the aged look with gladness, the young with hope, the down-trodden as a representative of what they themselves may become.”

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