Johannesburg, South Africa

The Black Management Forum (BMF) would like to congratulate all political parties who were part of 2019 National and Provincial General Election (Election/s) campaign, culminating with them being declared by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) as free and fair. The BMF also extends its gratitude to the IEC for conducting the Elections in a manner that upholds the integrity of the country’s democracy and the oversight of yet another peaceful process.

The BMF would like to congratulate the African National Congress (ANC) for obtaining a sixth successive electoral majority. This victory gives the ANC a clear mandate and opportunity to restore much needed confidence in the country; both politically and economically.  Further congratulations are extended to the other 13 political parties that have managed to secure seats in parliament.

“As the BMF, we hope the work of the opposition parties will intensify in keeping the ANC Government accountable. Most importantly the BMF would like to see an opposition that will robustly engage on the legislative and regulatory framework and hold the ANC-led government accountable on the implementation of government policy”, Nomlala said.


As the BMF, we expect the ensuing administration to revive the ailing economy and bolster investor confidence through policy certainty and a decisive action-plan against corruption. Black Business must also lead the rejuvenation of the economy through deliberate economic transformation interventions by the new administration” BMF President continued.

As the country stabilises, the BMF will renew our call for a focus on economic liberation of the previously excluded black segment of society. The rise in youth unemployment clearly demonstrates that not enough has been done in order to stimulate the participation of black youth in the economy since the dawn of democracy. To this end we commend President Ramaphosa on his efforts thus far to stimulate the economy and we expect that the new mandate from the electorate will see these efforts gaining momentum over the next term of office.

Notwithstanding the above, the BMF believes the antecedent to stimulating the economy lies with a professionalised public service that guarantees security of tenure to bureaucrats, especially at senior level, that is insulated from political meddling. Equally, professionals with integrity, who always act above reproach, are the only acceptable persons in public service to the BMF” Nomlala said. The qualifiers – in varying degrees of importance – of skill, experience, a fidelity to the rule of law and knowledge should be the only determinants for the appointment into the public service.  And, in keeping with this, the BMF would welcome any such invitations to work with the state in ensuring this professionalised public service. 

The BMF implores President Ramaphosa - in his noble plan of government reconfiguration - to not miss the opportunity to appointing an Executive that is fit-for-purpose, with a mixture of experience and fresh blood. In this light, the BMF also makes the impassioned plea that the Economic Cluster Ministers must be comprised of some eminent persons from the business community, and not exclusively from the political trenches. These is sufficient capacity, skill and public acclaim in the “BMF Type” managers of Ruel Khoza, Mpho Makwana, Bonang Mohale, Nolitha Fakude, Khanyisile Kweyama, and Gloria Serobe, to name but a few in an endless list. We want to see a seasoned business leader with an impecable track record being considered.

The new government is encouraged not to pay lip service to economic liberation of the black populous. To this end, the BMF is ready to lend a hand and participate in engagements with foreign investors so as to facilitate the good-faith understanding that investing in South Africa necessarily includes investing in black youth, black professionals and black business communities.  The economic liberation the country seeks is characterized by a diverse workforce (that mirrors its society) with equitable opportunities across different levels of development. Black professionals strive for the manifestation of black led economic development into the digital era.

The BMF wishes President Ramaphosa and the ANC all the very best in their term of office. The new government must be bold and decisive in leading the country on a path of restoration, growth and human dignity for all citizens. The BMF will monitor government in its implementation measures to ensure South Africa reaches the desired outcomes of economic prosperity for all. The time is now for all South Africans to join hands and work together to eradicate poverty, create jobs and end inequality.  

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About the Black Management Forum

The Black Management Forum (the BMF) has been in existence for 42 years. It is a thought-leadership organization with the main purpose of influencing socio-economic transformation in our country, in pursuit of socio-economic justice, fairness and equity. The BMF stands for the development and empowerment of managerial leadership and the creation of managerial structures and processes that reflect the demographics and values of the wider society.

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