The Soweto Youth Uprising witnessed fatal and non-fatal injuries of over a thousand High School Learners in protest the enforcement of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in South African schools across the country. The Youth of 1976 collaborated in the quest for freedom of communication and adequate access to education to be taught in the globally recognised language of business (English). Freedom of Speech, Expression and Communication would later be an integral pillar of the Freedom acquired in the new democracy. Access to Free Basic Education was also rolled out nationally for all from 1994. However, the Youth of 2016 to date have in the same vein embarked in the fight to access Free Higher Education and to see the decolonisation of Tertiary curricula in the form of the leaderless #FeesMustFall Movement. 

As the BMF Student Chapter, we would like to take the opportunity to honour the fallen young leaders from what was meant to be a peaceful demonstration. We stand in solidarity with the youth of 1976 on this historic day which will forever be recorded in the history books of our nation.  As the born-free youth and BMF Student Chapter, we encourage the current youth to participate in activities happening across the nation in commemoration of June 16.  

The youth of the day needs to introspect about the Socio-Economic challenges coupled with Political and Leadership nuances faced by all South Africans, especially for black and poor citizens. We need to ask ourselves, “Where is South Africa going” and more importantly “Where do we want to take South Africa” as the power for self-emancipation lies in the hands of the Youth.

In the brave spirit of the ’76 Youth, the BMFsc wishes all members of society a joyful day ahead with positive reflections about the past, present and future.

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About BMF Student Chapter

The Student Chapter stands for the development and empowerment of student leadership, primarily among black students at tertiary institutions, and the creation of leadership structures and processes, which will enhance the abilities, and capabilities of students upon entering the labour market or corporate world.

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