The BMF would like to take this opportunity to applaud the appointment of the new cabinet of the Republic of South Africa.

“The cabinet, as appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa, is a steady start towards anchoring an efficient, effective and ethical public service which should in turn ensure overall transformation, inclusive economic development and address the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment “, says BMF President Andile Nomlala.

The cabinet appointment is the first step towards ensuring our quest towards an inclusive, diverse and efficient government. As argued by Nomlala, “these are the critical ingredients for good governance and this cabinet is a reflection of where we want to be headed as South Africa.” The appointment of the new cabinet by President Ramaphosa has started the restoration of much needed hope amongst South Africans. We need a government that will strive towards making South Africa better for all.

The BMF is encouraged by Ramaphosa’s assurance that he is committed to the continued reorientation of government, which essentially means smaller cabinets from now on and the scaling down of Ministers from 36 to 28 is indeed a true reflection of the commitment and it shows that President Ramaphosa takes the reduction of government expenditure seriously.   

“We as the BMF are also pleased that 50 percent of the executive are now women, which is a first for South Africa. The notable representation of women and significant number of young ministers in the cabinet is in line with not only the BMF’s principles on gender equity, but also South Africa’s vision of creating a socially, economically and politically equal society for men and women, young and old. We also commend the female representation of females in the executive which is far stronger than in many other countries”, Nomlala continues.

 “The BMF will continue to avail itself in the creation of the ‘new dawn’ that truly encompasses Batho Pele principles. We acknowledge that government alone cannot ensure a people-oriented government that truly serves its people. We are keen to work with the new cabinet, particularly the Ministries of Economic Development, Higher Education and Training combined with Science and Technology, and Small Business Development, Nomlala concludes”.  

The BMF would like to wish all the newly appointed Ministers great success in their future.

-          END   -

The Black Management Forum (BMF) is pleased with Itumeleng Mothibeli’s recent appointment as the Managing Director of Vukile Property Fund South Africa.   

Mothibeli has demonstrated resilience and perseverance throughout his career. These are qualities which many young professionals should be guided by. It comes as no surprise to the BMF that Mothibeli exemplifies these qualities as he is one of the founding members of BMF Young Professional (BMF YP) which plays a critical and pivotal role in grooming and refining our country’s future leaders, visionaries and change agents. Mothibeli career trajectory is a true reflection of this.  

“The BMF is particularly pleased with Mothibeli’s appointment because he has come of age in the BMF Young Professionals fold. He rose through the leadership ranks of the BMF Young Professionals, particularly in the Western Cape where he served as an executive committee member of the BMF Young Professionals “commented Nomlala.  

We believe, with his years of experience in the industry and unquestionable knowledge of the organisation, he will be able to perform in his new role and responsibilities.  

“We wish Mothibeli every success in an industry that is largely white dominated and commend Vukile Property Fund South Africa for promoting black talent and creating space for black talent to thrive.” concluded Nomlala.  

- END   -  

Johannesburg, South Africa: 24 May 2019

The Black Management Forum (BMF) joins the business community in heartily congratulating Ms. Shirley Machaba on her appointment as the first African woman Chief Executive Officer of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Southern Africa. Ms Machaba’s extensive background and experience in the industry and more so within PwC positioned her as the best choice for the role.

The BMF applauds Ms Machaba on this achievement and acknowledges her role in advancing the values and ethos of the BMF and we are proud to be associated with her. This is a reassuring step forward for South Africa’s transformation agenda and is a significant bolster for increased black women participation in the executive circles of corporate South Africa. It is also a positive display of the availability of qualified black executives who are competent to run high asset value companies.

The BMF urges all South African corporates to continue taking such positive action regarding transformation, and particularly gender transformation.

As the BMF, we are fully supportive of Ms Machaba and believe that with her sterling track record she will continue to excel in this new position and continue to champion for transformation in her new role.


Johannesburg, South Africa

The Black Management Forum (BMF) would like to congratulate all political parties who were part of 2019 National and Provincial General Election (Election/s) campaign, culminating with them being declared by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) as free and fair. The BMF also extends its gratitude to the IEC for conducting the Elections in a manner that upholds the integrity of the country’s democracy and the oversight of yet another peaceful process.

The BMF would like to congratulate the African National Congress (ANC) for obtaining a sixth successive electoral majority. This victory gives the ANC a clear mandate and opportunity to restore much needed confidence in the country; both politically and economically.  Further congratulations are extended to the other 13 political parties that have managed to secure seats in parliament.

“As the BMF, we hope the work of the opposition parties will intensify in keeping the ANC Government accountable. Most importantly the BMF would like to see an opposition that will robustly engage on the legislative and regulatory framework and hold the ANC-led government accountable on the implementation of government policy”, Nomlala said.

The Black Management Forum is outraged at the recent racist and sexist publication of the article ‘Age- and education-related effects on cognitive functioning in coloured South African women’ by the University of Stellenbosch’s Sport Science researchers Sharne Nieuwoudt, Kasha Elizabeth Dickie, Carla Coetsee, Louise Engelbrecht and Terblanche.

This publication does not instill the hope of ever realising the social cohesion needed for a united South Africa but rather fosters divisiveness that makes nation building near impossible.

The study’s abstract, which is heavily flawed reads in part:

“Coloured women in South Africa have an increased risk for low cognitive functioning, as they present with low education levels and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors”.