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    Strategic Focus



Historically the BMF has always considered the trends that impact transformation in South Africa and as such, we have considered numerous perspectives. Through this, the prevailing trend has always been the lack of representation for black professionals and executives at top management levels. It is for this reason that our strategic focus emphasises the implementation of the Employment Equity and Affirmative Action Acts to rectify this.

The current three to five-year plan (2019-2021) aims to lay a solid foundation that produces well-trained black professionals who are able to help transform the socio-economic landscape.

Going Forward - 2019 to 2021 will see the BMF focus on our position as a champion for transformation and managerial leadership in South Africa. We remain anchored in our five core pillars which are classified as follows:

1. Managerial Leadership Development

Our focus here is to expand the capacity of individuals to perform well in leadership roles. This means helping our members understand how to execute a company’s strategy and focusing on the importance of the development of human capital - which in turn creates a sustainable supply of critical skills which are vital to a thriving economy.

2. Socio-Economic Transformation

The BMF recognises the untapped potential of South Africa through its diverse cultural landscape and abundant natural resources. However, we also understand that economic disparity and unequal distribution of income is casting a shadow over this potential. 24 years since embracing democracy, South Africa is still faced with immense poverty. The BMF constantly seeks to focus on being a catalyst for socio-economic transformation in order to create long-term growth and stability for all.

3. Advocacy and Lobbying

The BMF has historically played an important role through advocacy to advance the national objectives of socio-economic transformation. This is one of the four pillars of the raison d’être of the BMF.

4. Membership Acquisition and Retention

As a membership organisation, the acquisition and retention of our members remains one of the BMF’s strategic occupations. In this regard, the organisation remains in constant pursuit of the attention of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs.

5. Youth and Women Empowerment

The social, cultural, economic and political emancipation and empowerment of women and youth is something we advocate for.

The BMF is committed to the emancipation of female professionals whom have subscribed to our organisation, as well as females and youth in the wider society. It is our responsibility to ensure that we participate in impactful outreach programmes that raises awareness and mobilises financial resources for children’s health and education, most especially that of the girl child.