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The Black Management Forum has rebranded the BMF Gender Desk to the BMF Women Empowerment Desk (BMF WED). This name change expresses the organisation's deliberate and unambiguous endeavour to giving it's female membership a desk which seeks to build a community of informed & empowered women leaders and to make a meaningful difference in transforming corporate South Africa.

Responsibilities of the Women Empowerment Desk include:

  • To institutionalise the gender focus within the BMF by creating a gender sensitive culture within which female members find an equally conducive environment for their leadership development and networking;
  • To support women, BMF members in particular, in their own leadership development in terms of concrete leadership training, mentoring and support;
  • Provide a dedicated support structure for women leaders at the governance level within the BMF structures to ensure they conduct their duties in an effective manner;
  • Create a dialogue for pressing matters pertaining to gender mainstreaming;
  • The celebration of women’s achievements within the corporate and leadership environment with added support for BMF women members in leadership and executive positions within and outside the BMF;
  • Knowledge sharing through regular communication (news, statistics, information, articles, etc.) in internal newsletters, African Leader magazine and interaction through special women’s forums where BMF women can share best practice.



The SMME Desk is a BMF board subcommittee which was established in response to the need to fast-track efforts to total the transformation of the South African economy. The board of the Black Management Forum (BMF) instituted a subcommittee to cater for BMF members who are business owners in their own right and to assist the country's SMME sector.

Objectives of the SMME Desk include:

  • Initiating activities, programmes and services that contribute to the advancement of SMMEs in Southern Africa, primarily black owned SMME's, in an endeavour to encourage the transformation of the South African business landscape;
  • Facilitate, guide and oversee participation of the organization in advancing the plight of SMMEs in Southern Africa, to enhance efforts towards stronger economic growth and job creation;
  • Enhance BMF member' share in the benefits of Broad Based Black Economic programmes, as enacted in 2003, by encouraging participation within available developmental programmes.
  • Small business owner
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