The BMF Outcomes of the Special Elective General Meeting

Ms. Xolile Kunene | BMF | Acting Managing Director

April 23, 2023

The Black Management Forum delivers its first all-female presidency (President and Deputy) in its 47 years of existence! Dr Sibongile Vilakazi and Ms Lilly Moabi have been elected, President and Deputy President respectively. 

“This is a major milestone and huge achievement in the history of BMF,” said acting Managing Director, Ms Xolile Kunene. It has been 14 years since BMF had a female president, however, it is the first time that BMF has delivered a female presidency, said Dr Vilakazi. 

The last female president of the BMF Ms Nolitha Fakude was elected in 2003 with a male deputy. 

Dr Vilakazi saw a landslide victory. Both the President and the Deputy received support from most provinces. Dr Sibongile thanked members for being progressive and putting their trust in women’s leadership. “I am committed to bringing integrity back to the organisation, and developing BMF-type managers and leaders”, said Dr Vilakazi. 

Dr Vilakazi undertook to take the BMF to its former glory where it occupies the centre stage on all transformation matters and leads on policy issues. She also called on the corporate members of the BMF to engage the organisation and foster a mutually rewarding partnership. 

Dr Sibongile Vilakazi, a business strategist and academic, has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organisational Development and Diversity Management. She has worked for global research agencies and worked with brands such as Procter and Gamble, Nedbank and Unilever. Ms Moabi is a qualified Professional Director (PD)SA & a Medical Technologist with a National Diploma in Biomedical Technology and Financial Management certification. 

This female presidency has to deliver on the hopes and aspirations of not only its members but young women in general!